August 15, 2003

so, i should be in jacksonville today. but my trip to the emergency room yesterday as we were leaving town has prevented that. looks like i have kidney stones. whoopee. i had to go to the urologist today. ew, i know. but the pain meds i got yesterday are helping. the hydrocodone's making me a bit drowsy, so i see why they don't want you driving on these pills. so my trip was pretty much cancelled, which is really sad because now i don't get to see my aunt or jennifer. not cool. but, in a way, it's also a blessing because i do need some time just to chill.

laura and megan left early this morning on the greyhound. hope they made it to florida alright.

so, i'll be around if anyone wants to do something. i was thinking about going to a movie tonight. and, since i'll be in town, i'll probably catch the show at new brookland tomorrow night. and i'll eventually make it to manifest to get the mae cd. i'm pretty much quarantined today because mom has my car.

i'm about to watch the movie heathers. timothy claims i'll like it. and i'll probably make some popcorn for lunch. let me be a coach potato for a day.
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