August 12, 2003

good times for sure tonight with good friends for sure.

did some manifest shopping earlier today. bought 4 cds: yellowcard, taking back sunday, counting crows, and a piano music cd of beatles music and nature sounds. (the last cd being for my mother, to play while her students work. it was only $2.50 in the used section.) yellowcard's good so far. taking back sunday is just what i like: emo rock.

i don't think i'll be going to the counting crows/john mayer concert. i don't really have the money, and driving there will be ridiculous. so, guess that decision's made.

i can't wait to go to chucktown tomorrow. ah, the beach. hope i don't blind anyone with my white stomach. the weather's calling for scattered thunderstorms. sounds as if it may rain on our parade. but i sure hope not. either way, should be an adventure. and i bought a black and white disposable camera. sweet.

show at new brookland on wednesday night. mae, armor for sleep, and the working title (kit's friend's band). early show - 6pm doors. i love shows.

i'd better go to sleep so i don't fall asleep on the way to the beach manana. adios.
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