March 27, 2003 i always get mocha, and i don't know if i really like it all that much. i mean, i like it at some places, but most of the time, it's just too sweet. i'll try something new next time. i met nita at courtyard, and we had some quality talk time. i've missed that chick, as well as some other chicks i've been meaning to get in touch with.

you know that they're cancelling dawson's creek? call me queen of cheese, but i used to love to watch that show, in the beginning. my brother and i would watch it every week. i kept up with it for quite a few seasons, but once the characters went off to college, it lost it's "spark" in my eyes. once i went off to college, i forgot my good 'ol friends from the creek altogether. then, last week, i stumbled upon the wb. they were playing the very first episode. the one where jenn first comes to town and pacey's flirting with the english teacher and says the great (ha ha) line, "i'm the best sex you never had". so, naturally, i had to watch. ah, brings back fond memories. i thought katie holmes was awesome, the way she was all cute and would bite her lip. i started biting mine, but i don't think it had the same cute effect. dawson does have a big forehead, though, doesn't he? i guess dawson's was/(is) my vice. i'm sorry you read all that.

while waiting for nita at courtyard, i was reading the free times. i happened upon a short story contest advertisment. deadline april 25th. i figured, "hey, i'm in this fiction writing workshop class for which i already wrote a short story, which the students in the class are going to give me advice on to revise. why not enter my story?" worth a shot, eh? so, i wrote down the info. how exciting.

well, i'm tired, but full of coffee...what to do...
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