March 29, 2003

yesterday was fun. my whole spring break was great. it was exactly how spring break should be (contrary to what mtv says). a lot of random fun for me, and i loved it. yesterday a bunch of erskine kids came to lexington. we went to a park and played softball and football. first, i got hit in the side of the head with a softball. don't let the "soft" part fool you. then, after we finished football and were walking to the playground, i got hit in the face with a stray football. i didn't realize how extremely accident-prone i am when it comes to sports.

we ate at ryan's for dinner. who goes to ryan's anymore? a bunch of families, that's who. i haven't been there in years.

then most of us went to new brookland tavern to see tigerbot hesh. the show didn't start till 9pm, so we ended up waiting around outside for 45min or so. i ran into jordan-o. haven't seen that girl in ages. so, we hung out a bit. saw josh h. again. he's a cool kid. and i met some other people. i like meeting people. then we moved on inside the tavern for tigerbot. free show. i enjoyed it. we left after they played, though, because the guys (dave and terry) had a long drive home still. after we all left steph's house, i debated going back to courtyard. i decided against it and crashed early, after writing a couple of journal entries for fiction writing (i'm way behind).

i don't really have any plans till steak dinner and godspell at village square with my folks tonight. i think afterward i might meet ashley for coffee at courtyard. either way, i might be down that way tonight.

::sigh::...goodbye spring break, you've been a pal.
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