March 27, 2003

there's some rumor going around about us playing softball in the park tomorrow with some erskine cats. not sure yet if it's true. i'll get the scoop from steph. don't know what everyone wants to do friday night, but i already have plans to go to new brookland to a show. so, i guess whoever wants to join me can. maybe steph's house afterwards? still thinking about the hair dying thing, but i think i want to do it.

just got back from shopping with mom. it was a blast. we're about to head out again for mom's birthday dinner.

i think i'm going to spend some time in courtyard again tonight. i like that place. besides, i have some spanish reading to get done that i've barely touched. and i still need to read the communist manifesto. i thought about calling my bro once he gets off work to see if he wanted to hang out. it's been a while since i've actually gotten to spend some time with him. we'll see.
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