December 14, 2002

while being alone can be quite refreshing, it can also be pretty frustrating. especially when you're all alone in a dorm. i'm still here at school because i'm playing my flute at ware shoals first baptist tomorrow evening, and we had rehearsal this morning. i'm having a great time just chillin, eating junk food, and watching movies. but when i'm not doing that, my mind starts to wander and i just start thinking about anything and everything. and it's frustrating because i think myself in circles. i'm looking forward to going home tomorrow evening. i'm ready to spend some time at home before i head for spain. i can't believe it's coming up so soon.

stuff i still need for spain:
pack (appalachin outfitters didn't get the pack in that i needed, and probably won't till monday)
hiking pants
more wool socks
journal (i have one i may use)
spanish Bible (maybe just the nt)
maybe another book (i'd love to take les miserables, but that's a huge book)

...alrighty, that's enough for now...adios.
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