December 10, 2002

sorry, jesse...i'm such a slacker. i just got back from the fine dining establishment of denny's. it's incredible how packed it was...all those college kiddies studying for their exams. i met jacob, a junior from anderson college. he was being a table whore and kept talking to people at different booths. then i was eavesdropping on a conversation behind me. some guy was studying for a spanish exam and the girl he was with was explaining how to conjugate verbs for him. he didn't seem to know anything about espanol. hope he's not a major...

i was going to go another day without taking a shower, but, considering i now smell like denny's smoke and grease, i believe i'll fold.

hey, i just realized i'm not a teenager any more. i'm a 20-something...sweet.

it's going to be great when i finish my two exams tomorrow. not another one till friday afternoon. so, i'll just come back to the room and sleep. mmm...sleep...

since my boys can't come to the acoustic jump show (ahem.), i think i'll try to make it a girls-night-out. the mag six is meeting to exchange gifts on that day, so i figure whoever wants to could just caravan on over to senate park for the show. yes, that sounds like a splendid idea.

aw, boys...(specifically corey and luke), you guys write the sweetest things. and, yes, they do make me want to cry, but in a good way.

enough with the stream-of-conciousness mode...i'm going to get a shower.
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