December 11, 2002

i didn't go to sleep till 4am, and i'm already awake. i've completely skewed my normal sleeping pattern. dang. ah, well. you know what i did till 4am? i watched tv. yeah, that's right. that big black box in our room that usually goes untouched. of course, i had to clean off all the cobwebs first. really, though. it was nice to just sit back and watch some quality disney tv series. don't make fun of me. i like the disney channel. i finally got to see the lizzy mcguire episode where she gets her first kiss. i'm glad i wasn't like her in middle school. and i watched a classic boy meets world episode. the one where shawn and corey sneak in to feeney's (sp?) mountain cabin, he shows up, they're getting along until the guys drop feeney's wristwatch (that his late wife gave him) down the drain. so, they climb in the septic tank to find it, and everything's all better again. and feeney and shawn learn a little something about each other. and shawn likes the counting crows. alright, that's quite enough of that...i should find something else to do...
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