November 05, 2002

yay...i finished my english paper a lot sooner than i though i would. now i just have to read my education class crap and write up some questions for dr. mckenzie. i was excited to see that we got sheets in our cpos about what classes will be offered next semester. i'm excited to start signing up for classes. is that strange? probably so, but i don't mind. i'm ready to plunge into my major, whether that be english, spanish, or both. i'm ready to get serious about it, i think, although i don't know what kind of career path i'll choose. i really think that english and spanish is the direction i'm being led in.

i was invited to the euphie masquarade ball (yay!) but don't think i can go because of little mary sunshine (aw.). i was just thinking that i'd still be able to go because amber (who's also in the play) was talking about going because she's an athenian. however, it slipped my mind that saturday will be closing night, and we'll all have to stick around to strike the set, which could take a while. sorry, luke, i was really trying to find a way to go, but, sadly, i don't think it's feasible. (i think i used an excessive amount of commas in that last sentence.) ah, well...time to get to some education.
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