November 08, 2002

luke, sorry to hear about you dream girl disappointment. didn't i tell you not to get your hopes up? when will you start listening to me? honestly...

oh, i can hardly contain my excitement! the girls (namely, chrl, clab, and syddie) are coming tonight and spending the weekend at our fabulous campus. 8 mile comes out tonight. i have very high expectations for eminem as an actor, which is completely against my philosophy. but i think i'm right about this one.

little mary sunshine round #2 tonight.

ha ha. dr. gettys was in the strangest mood today. we were looking at paintings from the northern european renaissance, and he kept pointing out the people in the paintings and saying things like "well, this guy looks like he's had a little too much to drink." "somewhere in this painting there's a priest that's doing something bad." "that's either a door or a tapestry on the wall...(student: "looks like someone's walking into the tapestry, then.")...well, they will be if they drink any more." i suppose you had to be there, but it was quite entertaining. dr. gettys is great, it's too bad i can't take his class next semester.
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