April 30, 2004

change of plans. no jump show on saturday. well, there is one. i'm just not going. i really don't feel like going all the way to charleston, especially if i'm thinking about going the following weekend anyway. i know i'll see them sometime in the future. i still love em, they're just not my top-priority band at the moment. especially since their crowd consists of screaming teenage girls (which i can't say much about, a mere couple of years ago, i was one of them).

actually, there are two sweet shows going on at new brookland. two. the early one's at like 5pm. cool hand luke. former members of courage riley. that means david a. i love him. the late show's around 9pm and from safety to where is playing. maybe i should just spend all evening hovering near new brookland and courtyard. who's with me? nita? thanks.

so, that's what i'll hopefully be doing on saturday.

tomorrow i think i'm meeting sarah and peter for lunch. indian cuisine. that should be fun. and mom and i are going to see annie get your gun at village square.

that's all for now. i'm crashing.
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