May 01, 2004

i have so much crap. seriously. i keep my schoolwork every year. that means, filed away somewhere in this collage i call my room, i probably have stuff from elementary school. isn't that ridiculous? i think so.

so, since i'm living here this summer (there's not really much chance of the bro moving out of the frog), i've decided to take upon the project of gutting my room. and taking some of this crap off the walls too. and maybe i'll hang up this random spain map i found in my room. i guess my parents put it there?

commence project gut room.

i also plan on taking hip-hop dance classes this summer. did i tell you that? yep. i think with nita. in fact, i have a whole list of things i want to do this summer. we'll see how much gets accomplished, eh?
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