September 01, 2004

"lovely rita, meter maid."

before i left for school, i galumphed about columbia, playing with my camera. check out the pictures here (along with some more new photos of my friend ashley's wedding).

intramural soccer should be interesting this semester. for some reason, there's a split in the teams. apparently some people can't get along with each other. or something like that. i don't really know. anyhow, we're in two teams now. but that's fine with me, because i'm just in it for the fun and exercise. i joined a pick-up game with some of the guys tonight behind the dorm, and it wore me out. but i could tell my endurance has improved since last year.

battle of the bands.
it's going to be super fun. just wait and see. more later.

death cab for cutie.
jamie's going to let me come with him to see death cab for cutie. actually, he knows he just can't stop me from coming. so i'm coming, as long as i don't have anything going on that day.

garden state.
i REALLY want to see this movie. i hope it's showing somewhere like anderson or greenville.

This is Matt.

The split is simple. At least from my perspective. I don't like Terry. I don't make any excuses for it, and I don't hide it. And I don't like the way he ran our team. Hence the split.
i can't stop you from coming, eh? ok i can buy that. And audra has joined your little escapade, of inviting yourselves, but thats fine by me, concerts are fun with people you know
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