September 07, 2004

"but everything looks perfect from far away."

i did indeed see garden state last night. and i did love it. of course, if you know me and have also seen this movie, you could've guessed i'd love it. it made me:

1. appreciate my family more.
2. remind myself that perfect relationships never come about this way (i.e. meeting someone randomly in a public place and instantly hitting it off).
3. wish i were as good an actor as natalie portman.
4. wish i could write and direct a movie, just so i could play the lead role (good move, braff).
and 5. give braff kudos for his music tastes.

i'd see it again. i'll probably buy the dvd. it'd be worth it.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
i'm assuming this movie's already in video. if so, and if i get back not too late from whitewater rafting, i want to rent it on saturday.

"love letters."
i read this play by a.r. gurney yesterday. he's the guy that wrote "sylvia" (the play about the dog that the erskine players did not too long ago). "love letters" was really interesting. mostly because it requires little (if any) rehearsing and a set of one desk (upon which would be two copies of the script) with two chairs behind it. the play consists of a series of letters, starting from when the two characters meet each other in grade school. it's a guy and a girl, and the play follows their lives together and apart from each other through the format of letters, which are read by the actors as if the characters are now grown and reminiscing through the readings. it's amazing how gurney develops the characters just through what they say and what the other says about them. the audience sees no action, but hears about the action through reactions from the actors. ok, so it's kind of confusing to explain, but i was just excited about it after i read it and thought i'd share.

marriage and the family.
it's a good class (marriage and the family). it's fun and interesting and makes you think. we're reading books such as finding the love of your life, boundaries in marriage, love is a decision, and when bad things happen to good marriages. scary titles, eh? in class right now, we're basically talking about finding the right mate. so, i'm reading all about the principles that should be taken into consideration and so forth and so on, and what's freaking me out is how, once you've started to read the chapters, you can't get it out of your mind. when i see or talk with someone of the opposite sex, i immediately begin analyzing their qualities into compatible/non-compatible categories. i can't stop. i'm out of control. someone help me.

whitewater rafting.
i signed up to go this weekend, but now i'm skeptical because of the weather.

1. the water will be way cold because it's been raining.
2. i love camping, but i love it less if it's raining.
3. wet clothes aren't on the top of the list of things i love, either.

i'll decide soon.

didn't you know that i love lists? i make them every chance i get. makes me feel organized and in-control of my thoughts.

i know this was long, and thanks for hanging in there, if indeed you did. i figured i owed you a lengthy blog. and there you have it. ciao.

I've wanted to see garden state. Glad you gave it props. you and i need to chat it up soon. about some actual stuff. happy thursday.
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