September 06, 2004

battle of the bands.

most of you were there. but some of you weren't. and you missed out. we took some photos with steph's digital, so go here to see em.

the weekend.
besides battle of the bands on saturday, my weekend was jam-packed with fun and exciting activities. friday i taught my first flute lesson ever to dr. evans' daughter, becca. she's so sweet and really quite good for her age. then that night i walked over to matt's with audra, and much fun was had on the front porch. saturday steph and i got up early to go to black cow coffee house to chat with carlos and show him our pictures. then we headed over to walmart. around 3 we went to mark's for a cookout before battle of the bands at 4. went back to mark's after for more fun and to watch the video of the ambiguously gay trio performing live. it was great to go back to new covenant church on sunday, and sb and i had lunch with a bunch of folks at hope's place in anderson afterwards. then it was back to campus to do some work before the mirror's "workshop" (we played volleyball and had dinner at the pavilion before talking about some newspaper business). ended up staying up pretty late last night finishing my homework because i'm a slacker.

garden state.
i will see it tonight. in greenville.

i'm kinda tired and will either pop some kettle korn and read or pop some kettle korn and then nap. sorry this post's craptastic. deal with it. ciao!

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