August 31, 2004


finally ordered the new ben folds ep online. it's the last of a 3 ep series.

i also finally moved back to erskine. got here sunday afternoon. much to my dismay, the beds in our dorm room were not lofted; we had been assured that they would be. this posed an interesting problem when attempting to fanagle the futon into the overly-crowded room. we did it, but it was sad looking. fortunately, when steph and i returned from classes this afternoon, our beds were not only lofted, but arranged in a suitable manner. all because we have the awesomest r.d. who gets things done. so, the room it situated, decorated, and being lived in as we speak.

first day of classes turned out well. i like em all. my mondays and wednesdays are going to be pretty full because i start at 8 and only have 1.5 hrs. combined breaks until 4. and i have sinfonia on monday. so, don't mind me if i don't look as cheery on the mondays.

i get to do si for carlos' beginning spanish class, which of course will be fun. and my spanish lit course shouldn't be too bad, since my comprehension is one hundred times better than the last time i had a class with esperanza.

i must say, it's good to be back. i have no classes tomorrow morning. only women's chorale tomorrow afternoon, but i have plenty of reading to keep me busy on the java city couch.

this is jamie. I remember last year when i had to put those damn lofts up all over campus and that sucked.
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