April 17, 2004

theres a xanga craze going through some of the ec boys. way to go. way to conform. i love it.

i cant believe how fast this last week went. you know, if i had tons of money, i could stay here the rest of the summer. ive yet to travel to southern spain. but i want to see my family and friends, of course. oh, and i dont have tons of money.

ive been working on my art project of salvador dali. i really like him. in spite of all the sexual references. so he was a weird guy, what artist wasnt? we went to reina sofia today to check out guernica, an amazing picasso, and one of the best things in the museum. tonight were having our girls night at staceys house. pizza, fanta, pirates of the caribbean (sp?), which i actually liked very little. but i love johnny depp. love him. and i got to get on my end of the year projects that are all due this week. and exams this week. but im not worried.

i hung out with jaime (the intercambio) this morning. i went car shopping with him and then we had bocadillos de calamares (that would be squid) in plaza mayor. jaimes the best. ill miss him.

ok. im out. hasta luego.
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