March 09, 2004

(you tell me i´m blue, you´re just confused. it´s that i haven´t been this happy in minutes. -- hm)

it´s been a while, no?

how´s life? life´s great here. my trip this past weekend was just what i needed to reflect and remember that my life in madrid is not real. of course, neither is life on the camino (for those of you just tuning in, last weekend i flew to santiago de compostela to walk to the coast). i had a lot of time to think and just get out of the city mindset for a few days. i won´t elaborate, because i´m sure it´d bore you to death. but saturday, the 3rd day, was gorgeous. i walked alone from cee (a port town) to finisterre (the edge of the world, before columbus´ day). practically the whole walk was beside the ocean and it was a beautiful day.

so, i´m not depressed anymore. that´s a good thing. i´m in one of the best moods i´ve been in since i got here.

we made our reservations for the hotel in rome today. apparently, there´s some sort of conference there, so it was hard to find rooms. but we´re staying in a 4 star in the center of the city for only 32 euros a night. sweet. 1 week.

this week´s just chill, since all the traveling is coming up. yesterday, i did nothing, since i didn´t get back from santiago till 8am then went straight to school till 5pm. finally got home around 7 and i showered and washed clothes and did homework and talked with the rents till dinner at 1130pm. today we bought bus tickets to barcelona (we´re flying out of there for rome because it´s cheaper), went to the travel agent to find a hotel in rome, went to starbucks, did some shopping. steph, emily, stacey and i went to ben and jerry´s a little while ago to celebrate emily and eric´s anniversary.

i think we´re going to see school of rock later this week. i´ve already seen it, but steph hasn´t, and some other friends of ours want to go to the movies. thursday or friday we´ll go out because i didn´t last week. and that´s a good enough reason. saturday steph and i want to go to a big mall outside of madrid. and sunday we´ll go to the rastro (the flea market). that´s about it.

hey ya is playing. hella awesome.
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