March 13, 2004

hey kids.

i went to the protest against terrorism last night with a friend from school. all major cities in spain participated. it was huge. i?ve never been among that many people in my life. it was raining and freezing. we got to one spot in the street and stood in the median and we could see the view of the plaza de cibeles. it was incredible. people were spilling into the plaza from all angles. definitely an experience i?ll remember.

steph and i went to a mall outside of the city today called xanadu. it has indoor go-carts, bowling and skiing. and a mcdonalds. take a wild guess where we ate lunch. it?s a very sweet mall. all the coolest stores that are in the city, except all in one location. and we both bought these cool earrings from h&m to wear at softball games. they?re dangly skull and crossbones. might be dangerous running the bases. maybe we can tuck them in our ears or something when we?re up at bat.

last night i watched forrest gump dubbed in spanish with the son of the senora i live with. it was funny. ??mi madre siempre me dec?a que la vida es como una caja de bombones. nunca sabes que vas a tocar.?? ha ha.

tonight i?m just going to go home and get some homework done. i?m beat from shopping.

check you later.
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