March 26, 2004

hello, readers.

we finished with our language classes this week, which i´m so thankful for. everyone was sick of them. the exam was yesterday, which i´m sure i did fine on. and last night we stayed out late to celebrate, and topped it off with some churros and chocolate at 5am. love it. today i´m taking it easy. steph, justin and i had planned on taking a day trip to el escorial, but decided against it. it´s quite cold today, and looks like it might rain. so, we ran some errands and i think i´ll head home soon. maybe something´s going on tonight. if not, that´s ok, because we´re going to the airport at 730 to pick up steph´s bro.

tuesday we´re heading out of spain. going to london. i can´t wait. i think it´ll be a blast. after our 2 week break, we only have 2 more weeks of classes. and during that time i only have classes on mondays and wednesdays. i´ll have to fill up my time somehow. we´ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

ha luego.
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