February 24, 2004

hello again, folks.

but only for a sec, because i´ve have class pronto.

everyone should go to justin´s blog because he´s made it way cool. not that it wasn´t cool before, but now it´s much cooler, and he blogs frequently because he has a computer and internet in his flat in oxford. darn you, justin.

steph´s going to london this weekend to see the aforementioned chap. i think saturday, as long as the weather´s nice, i´ll go to el escorial. it´s a town outside of madrid where there´s this incredible monastery. i think that´s also where franco´s buried. and if you don´t know who that is, look it up. anyhoo, i think i want to go by myself and take my camera to try to get some quality shots. i need to buy more film and figure out how to do more cool stuff with my expensive minolta, ya know?

friday´s the concert (death cab). i´m counting down, i´m so excited. jessica (my roommate), lauren (her friend) and i want to meet the band. i figure we have a pretty good chance. i´ll let you know how it goes.

tomorrow we´re going to stacey´s house (her senora says it´s cool). it´ll be nice to be in someone else´s house for a change. i think we´re going to order pizza and maybe watch a movie.

and i have this arquitecture project due next week, so i´ve actually got some note-worthy work to get done, but it´s still so not hard. i´m gonna go check the church out today (the one i´m doing my project on). and i´ve got to run a few errands as well as go visit the shirt at pull and bear i want to buy. and maybe i´ll buy it. to console myself on this cold and rainy day in the city.

(steady now, city sister, as the sky will fall you´ll have your curtain call - hm)
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