December 04, 2003

i finished my spanish journals...sweet. now on to the real work.

my mind is a pollock painting. chaotic smatterings of spanish, contemporary american literature, and shakespeare. and there's like a dot of sociology somewhere in there. and i've yet to splatter on the sleep. soon, my precious, soon.

hey ya.

colonial christmas went all right tonight. mainly because i completed a buncha journals.

doc christie's house was a blast and a half today. we were there for a bit longer than expected, but it was worth it. it's always nice to be in an actual house. and steph and i cried or nearly cried like 10 times during the movie. i think our lack of sleep aided in the emotion-fest. but i think i can see the faint hint of a light at the end of this tunnel. if i squint real hard and tilt my head to the side and roll my eyes around really fast. yeah! there it is!

i think my posts get weirder and weirder the more stressed i am, i think. but i'm a happy kind of stressed. not the freaking-out kind of stressed. i don't think i get that kind of stressed very often. nope. no nervous breakdowns here. just a calmly diligent bethy.

oops. hot date with saul. i don't know if it'll work out, though. he's jewish...
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