November 13, 2003

i've sorta been fading in and out of everything today. i took a two hour nap this afternoon, during which time, steph tells me, the phone rang twice, and sb came by the room for a while. and i missed all this. then steph and i were late to women's chorale because we both fell asleep again, but when we got to memorial i remembered that it was cancelled. i'm feeling very chill now. and very sluggish. i'm going to finish my research paper, work out, shower, and finish the rest of my work.

there's a bebo norman (big name in the christian music scene) concert in lesesne tonight, but i changed my mind, and i'm not going. i know nothing about this guy's music, and, even though it's free, i'd rather get a good night's sleep than go to bed late again.

tomorrow's friday again. woohoo! we only have 2.5 weeks left in this semester. how sweet is that? too sweet.

i looked up the map online of where i'll be living next semester in madrid. (we got our housing assignments tuesday.) there's this huge park right near my apartment, and jessica says it's quite cool. so i'm quite excited. my senora's a writer and she has one daughter (but it didn't give the ages of either of them). maybe her daughter's close to my age and she can show me around and let me hang out with her friends.

plan for this weekend:
friday - sinfonia concert, matrix with sb
saturday - day trip to asheville, lunch with jordan (yay!)
sunday - church, barn
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