November 12, 2003

stayed up a little late last night, but it's all good. to get myself going this afternoon i straightened up my side of the room. which i never do. ask steph, this is momentous. but i need to clean out my desk so i can take all this crap home over thanksgiving.

ah. i forgot what i was going to say...

oh. i got some work to do today, as usual. i think after church tonight i'll go to jittery joes with the intentions of getting my work done. then maybe i'll go by denny's, once joe's closes. and if i get outta church in time, i want to go by best buy to try to find the "heya" single. cause i only want the single. yeah, most of the album's good, and quite unique, but also obscene in places. i just want that song cause it makes me wanna shake it like a polaroid picture.

sarabeth gave me a coupon for a free chick-fil-a sandwich. sb's the coolest! she also let me hang out in her room last night, which is what kept me up. but she's still the coolest!
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