November 05, 2003

oh i'm so excited about next summer. the prospect of actually living and working at home really makes me happy, since i haven't had that chance for quite some time. maybe it's silly to be excited about next summer when this semester's not over. and i should be more excited about next semester (which i am, but i don't want to bore you with that, because i'm sure i gloat about it whenever conversation allows it).

so, i'm trying to think of things to do during the summer of 04 to occupy my time, since i don't want to get bored or be idle. other than working (hopefully i'll have a full-time sedentary job that pays well), there are i couple of things i'm thinking about. mom's been checking into some esl (english as a second language, you doof) classes that her school does nights during the summer, and maybe i can help out. obviously i can't teach since i won't be certified, but i figured it'd be a way to keep practicing my spanish.

i still need to email frank and suzanne about maybe visiting them in peru for maybe a week or so.

i was thinking about taking either dance or guitar lessons. but then i decided guitar lessons are dumb, since all i really need is motivation to practice scales and finger-picking exercises. sarah gave me the idea for dance lessons. she takes hip-hop, and i thought "what fun!". besides, a whole lot more interesting than joining a gym.

so, those are my ideas for now. lemme know what you think. suggestions? i'm all ears.
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