November 07, 2003

oh man i was actually going to stay up to finish these othello study questions, but it's not worth it. i'd much rather get somewhere over 6 hours of sleep tonight. that sounds good. maybe i'll tackle crying of lot 49 before i head to bed. oh crap. i didn't write a focus paper for henderson the rain king. hm. maybe i'll do that tomorrow while i've got all that time between classes. i'm not doing it tonight.

today i made a trip to anderson, just to have a break (and i needed a walmart trip). i think it was the longest period of time (in some time) that i've been alone without being feverishly engrossed in some schoolwork. so, it was nice. i bought finding nemo! i can't wait to watch it again. but anyway, it was a nice trip. just what i needed, although i was pretty miffed that mcdonald's didn't have any honey in which to dip my mcnuggets.

shakespeare went well tonight. it ran pretty long, but ah well. one down, two to go. one of the nicest feelings after closing a show is knowing you have that much more free time. so so nice.

this weekend's looking like it'll be filled with work. so what else is new. mom and dad are coming up for the performance on saturday. and saturday morning is sga work day. and sunday sb and i are invited to a luncheon at the church, which we're stoked about. ok that's about it. adios.
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