July 20, 2003

well, only one more week left in this camp session. hard to believe. everyone was planning on going to belle chere (a music festival in asheville) this weekend on our time off. and i was going to go bc it was going to be the last chance i would get to hang with my co-counselor, jordan. but now she's not going. so, don't think i am either because:
1. i don't want to spend money on a hotel.
2. i don't know any of the bands playing.
3. i've been driving a lot lately, and it'd be nice to just stay around the area (unless i decide a trip to the asheville mall is necessary...i hear american eagle is having a huge sale)
4. i haven't done any mountain sight-seeing at all this summer.
so, there you have it. actually, luke and jesse, if you boys read this anytime soon, let me know what your plans are for friday night, cause i'd like to meet yall somewhere. or, if you're real ambitious, you could drive up here to see me. alrighty, later for now.
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