July 24, 2003

ok, the end of the session's going pretty well. last night we had a dance with camp carolina and they had a few live bands (made up of counselors and some campers). a couple of them weren't too shabby. one played some hardcore/punk music and it brought me back to shows with my brother and his friends at uncle doctors, the warehouse, and new brookland. so, i started practically thrash dancing and i think some of my campers were a bit shocked. and now my neck hurts.

then last night i threw a surprise goodbye party for my co-counselor, because she's leaving after this session (sniff, sniff). it was fun times. today was team games today, and now i'm sitting around waiting for dinner.

tomorrow night we're hanging out in brevard, going to some restaurant. but i think i'm going to dress up for the heck of it. saturday, justin, terry, and steppy are coming to hang out with me. i'm so excited! and hopefully the following weekend i'll be going home to see biv and tinkers punishment at new brookland.

alrighty, later my homeslices.
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