March 14, 2003 spanish civ. essay is kicking my butt. and i haven't even started writing it yet. i can barely comprehend the readings for it that are in english, much less the spanish ones...guess i'll be spending my saturday morning/afternoon working on it. and carlos told me that i wouldn't be getting in over my head by taking this class. not only am i in over my head...i'm drowning. blub, blub.

tonight is girls' night out. i love girls' night out. we're going out to eat in greenville. if we're back in time, steph and i are heading over to the hip hop party in the hangar. djed by "dj metro"...our very own jarvis from the metro. sweet. should be good times. tomorrow night: flo in sumter. i am mucho excited about that.

i have about half of my short story written, which is due by next friday. better get on that.

yay for cursive and bright eyes.
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