March 12, 2003

yo...mayhap you're wondering why i'm not online? (or mayhap you're not even reading this bc you only read it when you click the link from my profile...either way...) i'm not signing on until i get some serious work done. as you can see, no progress is being made as of right now. but i had the urge to blog before i started working.

anyhoo, luke did leave erskine yesterday, and although it was sad to see him go, i'm in a fabulous mood. i have been for a while now. let's make this a record, shall we? it's probably also due to the fact that spring break is well within my reach (with plenty of work to keep me occupied till then). after spring break, we only have, what? 5 weeks? i think? something like that. which is fantastic. then it's two weeks of summer for me before i head up to good ol brevard, north carolina for camp again. i'll be a junior next year. wow. i'll actually have to start deciding what the schmuck i'm going to do with my life. scary. well, at least i've declared my major(s).
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