December 10, 2003

yesterday steph and i spent 4 hours shopping in greenville. but we got some good stuff. then we had our contemporary american novel class exam at barnes and noble after a dinner at o'charleys. and today i have an exam at 1. spanish grammar and comp. and i have a paper revision due tomorrow for my latinamerican civ class. esperanza butchered my first draft (as well as everyone else's), so i basically gotta rewrite it. but it shouldn't be too bad. i got a couple more sources at the library yesterday.

i'm hanging around erskine till saturday because the junior high at church is having a christmas party friday night. i'm excited. we're having pizza and games. and i think we're supposed to bring a white elephant type gift, but we're not supposed to buy anything, we're just supposed to get something we have lying around. which isn't too good since i took half my stuff home, and i don't think i have stuff i just want to give away. i have a moffatt spoon. maybe i'll take that.

koon and a whole crowd of people are going to corbitt's tonight for some trivia night thing. i might try to stop by after church, but she said they usually finish up around 9:30, so i probably won't be there long.

i think cassie and i are going to a movie or dinner tomorrow. i'd say to celebrate the end of the semester. anyone wanna join us? i wanted to see the last samurai, but she's already seen it, and i think i'll see it with my daddy.

did i mention there's an acoustic jump little children show on monday in greenville? well, there is, and i'm going. it's gonna be good.

time to study some spanish before the testarooni. adios.
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