December 16, 2003

the acoustic jump show last night was fabulous. the best so far. we got there so early and sat in the front row. right in front of jay and matt. best seats in the house. they played "midnight" with the whole band, which i'd never seen before, as well as the first jump song ever which was a beautiful celtic instrumental called "the dream" but in gaelic. so that made up for them not playing "mother's eyes", my favorite. and they're recording soon, so a new record's on the way.

today the plan is to go shopping with anita. yay! and then tonight the girls are coming to my house at 7:30 so we can head out to the poetry reading downtown. super sweet.

tomorrow morning at 7am i might go to see return of the king. they're showing it at columbiana grande for free if you bring a toy to donate.

ok, gotta get ready to see that fine woman anita.
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