November 25, 2003

last night was the best time i've ever had at new brookland. ask me to tell you the whole story, cause too much cool stuff happened to type. hey mercedes rocked so much, and i loved david a. i hung out with jordan, my pal. afterward new brookland turned into a huge dance party. man, it was sweet. i danced so much and till so late. and no one cares how you dance because everyone's cool there.

basically it was the best night i've had in a long time. i definitely got to meet and hang out with hey mercedes and their crew guys. it was crazy. i couldn't do that every night, but it was a nice homecoming celebration.

so today i slept for quite a while, and now i'm finding peruvian recipes online. i might try to cook one today. then i need to tackle my room, which is packed to the brim with my junk from school.

maybe mom and dad want to go out tonight. i think we should get take-out chinese. mmm.
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