November 24, 2003

"don't be a doofus. don't be a doofus. don't be a doofus."
(words of wisdom from the sandlot)

whoa man. i'm so glad tomorrow's monday. partly because we get to go to santa fe with the clase de espanol. but mostly because i get to go home. looks like it might be raining for the drive, though, which kind of stinks. but then i'll be home, which does the opposite of stink.

sb and i watched the classic the sandlot tonight, then went over to luke and jesse's for a mini-concert, which was interrupted and then postponed due to a phone call. another time, perhaps.

asheville was nice yesterday, and jordan seems to be doing well at UNC-A. and i bought a journal for spain and a really sweet shirt. and mellow mushroom was wonderful (sans the horrible service...which i seem to forget about every time).

i just packed up over half of my crap in my car. it really seems real now that i won't be here next semester. and i really think, for so many reasons, that it's exactly what i need. and please keep steph, justin, clab, johnny, me, and everyone else going overseas in your prayers. i think it'll be like each time i've prepared to leave for camp. the realization that i won't see so many people for so long and it's going to be a really stressful time. but i'm sure this'll be harder. i'm really thankful that i have the opportunity, though.

church was nice today, i'm really glad sb and i are members now. and the johnsons, because they're really cool. and afterward, sb, luke, and i went to a lunch at pastor rountree's house with a bunch of other college students. it was really nice. great food. and a beautiful house.

tomorrow i was supposed to wear some spain clothes bc koon was going to wear hers too (which i've never seen on her). but it's supposed to rain, and i gotta drive home. actually, i'm not even going to get a shower till i get home. how lazy of me.

and i won't be back online till tomorrow afternoon sometime. later, kids.
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