October 30, 2003

"talk to me, dance with me." (hot, hot heat)

man, there are just too many cds i want to buy before leaving for spain. i gotta narrow the list down.

sorry about the lack of bloggage, readers. the past week's been busy, and it has flown by. tuesday steph and i had an all-night session of studying seasoned with some fooling around in java city, which i hadn't fully recovered from as of today...which is why i opted not to go to the working title show in greenville, which i'm still very sad about, but at least i have my health.

yesterday i had dinner at martha and don's and helped their sons with spanish. then we all headed over to the church where i saw johnny's haircut for his role of luther at the reformation celebration tomorrow. ha ha. youth group was fun, and don asked me to share my testimony in two weeks, so pray for that God will give me the words, when you get the chance. afterward johnny and i headed over to jittery joes and i had some great peach spice hot tea. mmm.

tomorrow's the jump concert in spartanburg, which i'm stoked about.

and i've got some work to do before i can go to sleep. but i don't think i'll be going to java city tonight, as i had previously thought. i'd just rather go to bed. and i've gotta write the edwin mccain article. man, i'm such a slacker.

parent's day saturday then clemson.
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