October 12, 2003

ok ok, stop hounding me people, i'm blogging. sheesh. kermit the frog used to say "sheesh" a lot. i love the muppets.

man, it's been quite a weekend. friday was the traditional fleet-o-rama, which i attended, but not before making some s'mores at the pavilion. sweet. after the rama we all went to grier to watch beauty and the beast with ben cause he was on duty. fun times. saturday i got up for the parade and then lunch and after that fooled around until i went to watkins to read, but there i found preparations for a surprise party for robeson, so i definitely stuck around for that. got some work done over at sb's before we headed over to grier lobby once more to watch aladdin. church today was great, watched some shakespeare videos in the library, then went to the barn. and now i just got back from working out. there. there's your laundry list weekend update.

i'm stoked about the oau trip over fall break. and sb's coming to my house after that. oh, better fill the rents in on that.

there really isn't anything else to tell.
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