October 26, 2003

maybe i should transfer to usc and change my major to journalism...

i interviewed edwin mccain before the concert tonight, and he was impressed by my questions (then again, that's probably not saying much). then i told him it was my first interview. i suppose it was a success. or i suppose we'll find out after the article's published. ugh. that means i gotta write it.

i should be on eeb, as much as i helped today. this morning i was up early for it and i stayed late tonight to help some. but i quit after a while, because i figured i'd done my time, considering i was only a volunteer. way to get the popular kids to like me, though.

the rest of the day was spent in java city (with a break from that for cookout and soccer game). i did a little studying, a little shakespeare rehearsal, and a lotta socializing. that's why i love java city. my favorite spectator sport is people watching and trying to figure out what they're thinking. so interesting.

man. i'm too tired to get a shower tonight. i think i'll just go to bed. i can hardly keep my eyes open. doesn't look like i'll be going to the barn tomorrow night.
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