October 06, 2003

long day. but good toward the end once i got over myself. tonight i finished my homework and checked out 4 books on shakespeare and music (for my research paper). i went for a short run and ended up at the pavillion sat there for a while, frustrated. frustrated mostly with myself. i prayed for a while under the moonlight before i realized that's it's my attitude that needs adjustment. maybe it should've seemed more obvious. but i was broken and now i know what i need to work on.

and now it's time for sprite remix and triscuits.

i just got back from sga. so, unfortunately, i didn't get to climb tonight.

i have all of my work finished for tomorrow, but it'll be a while before i get to bed. shower, devotions, maybe a little reading.

"we live by faith, not by sight."
(2 corinthians 5:7)
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