October 05, 2003

it's fun to search through the hot or not profiles with the keyword "chips". but it's kind of dumb to have "chips" as one of your keywords. who doesn't like chips? and, for those few who abhor them, they should have keywords akin to "no chips" or "down with chips" or "chips a mustn't". or something. because everyone likes chips.

i can't remember the last time i finished my work and showered by 10:30. it's liberating. sure, i have work i could do for tuesday. i already did half of my spanish work. i think i'll do the sociology tonight because it's such a pain. then maybe i'll read some catch 22, the next book on the reading list for class. we're going to dr christie's tuesday night for deserts and a movie.

lance was online for a few minutes tonight. he's on the east coast now. i'm jealous, i'd love to see the east coast sometime. but i guess i'm not one to talk since i get to spen 4 months in europe. and maybe i'll have the chance to go on a cruise to naples, greece, rome...beautiful.

go ninja go ninja go.
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