October 31, 2003

if there's one holiday i'm kinda humbug about, it's halloween. i mean, the only good thing about it when i was little was that i got candy. and, yeah, it's fun to dress up maybe if you're going to a costume party or something. but i'm way too old to go trick-or-treating. seriously guys. if i was a homeowner and some college kids showed up at my door, i wouldn't give em any candy. they can go to the dollar general and get some with their own money. the candy's for the kids, fellas. and i've never been a big fan of scary movies, unless they actually are scary. and i haven't been to that many haunted houses. but we did make a haunted house in our cabin for carnival at camp. and it was a super success. other than that, halloween's just a day like any other day for me.



on a lighter note, i'm about to go see jump, little children. yay!

i think i'll practice my lines on the way up there till the boys scream for mercy. yeah. once again, i'm the only chick preventing the outing from being a sausage party. but i'm used to this role, i guess.

"shake it like a polaroid picture." (at the show.)
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