October 09, 2003

guess who escorted the newly-crowned big man on campus (2003-2004)? that'd be me. it was sweet. i felt like such an underdog among all of those popular girls. but mackay out performed, out charmed, and out shined the other "contestants", if you'd call it a "contest".::throws head back in ridiculously overly-dramatic laughing fit:: it was fun. and funny. and jacob mcmaster-bigum is the king of crass.

i didn't realize that best buy closes at 9. aaaaaaand i pulled in the parking lot last night around 9:10. man, foiled again. fortunately i went back today. not only did they have the new hey mercedes cd, but i did in fact finally find the ink cartridge for my printer.

yesterday was great, by the way. after step aerobics, i showered quickly before racing over to new covenant. martha asked me to lead prayer time for the girls next week. i played some basketball with the kids, which was a blast. it's nice because the kids know my name, and i'm learning a lot of theirs' (more the girls than the guys). and it's a great time to get off campus and play like a kid. i'm so thankful that God led me to this. but it makes me miss my campers. just not enough to go back next summer.

besides, i'll have a few weddings to attend then. of course, laurin's wedding, and jenn's. and my cousin just got engaged. and she may be getting hitched next summer, but probably just a small wedding.

tomorrow night's fleet-o-rama, and it looks like it might be beautiful weather. if by beautiful i mean cloudy and rainy. but i'm sure it'll be fun anyway. well, it better be, cause i'm writing the article on it, and it's going to be stupid if i have to make it sound like it was fun when it really wasn't. the homecoming festivities continue on saturday, but some point this weekend i've gotta get mucho work done. all in good time.

and now it's time for some work and sleep. night.
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