October 08, 2003

another day, another dollar.

tonight was uber-fun at doc christie's. cider house rules, the movie, was better than i had remembered. man it was good. and it was nice, having read the book. and now on to catch-22, which i'm attempting for the third time, i think. this time's for real.

i'm such a dork because i'm so excited about shakespeare. particularly the scene i get to perform for "shakespeare's music" premiering in bowie arts center in early november. it's such a fun scene for me, i play rosalind (dressed as a guy...what's with me being casted for cross-dressing parts all the time? i did viola last fall and then the gender-experimental psychiatrist leslie in the spring. and now rosalind). my character's interesting and dynamic, and the lines leave a lot of room for experimentation. but doc little's thinking about cutting some lines because it's so long. so, i gotta work hard on the lines so she'll be forced to keep them. the other scene i'm doing is from the tempest, and i just play some annoyingly flat-charactered goddess. i get to recite a poetical invocation. yes. but, the rosalind part's more than enough to make up for that ridiculously uninteresting role.

i should finish my shakespeare questions, but all i wanna do is watch the rest of teenage mutant ninja turtles II. classic.

oh i get the new hey mercedes cd tomorrow.
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