September 10, 2003

um, something's seriously wrong with blogger. the edit box is really small and there's a bunch of blank space on the post screen. mysterious.

well, i ache. but it's a good kind of hurt. two nights of soccer games and a game tonight, couples with step aerobics earlier this everning. and we won again, not really much thanks to me...i'm just happy to be on the team because it's good times. and man am i tired.

gotta work on the dr little paper i've been whining about, finish spanish, and do the sociology sheet. fun night ahead of me, and it's only 9:30. yeah baby.

i gotta improve at pool again so if and when i play people, i'm not utterly humiliated.

my roommate's at the taco bell with her boy, and i think i get a chicken quesadilla out of the deal. can't wait for that sucker to get here.

maybe we have something else to eat while i wait...
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