September 09, 2003

uf...sometimes my friends can be so gullible. guess i'll just have to exploit that...

today's been long but quite good. financial aid filled me in on what i need to know for spain. spent some quality reading on a swing. called carlos old in class. went to the meeting for the mirror, erskine's newspaper. i might start writing some for it. played some futbol (intelligent and surprisingly fast = 2-0). experienced the super sweet new indoor climbing wall. now, if only they'll let me belay...and now it might be time for a shower and some kettle corn as i settle at my desk to work on the dr little paper.

oh, and another piece of news...i miss sinfonia...never thought i'd see the day. still not sure if i wanna go back. i miss playing my flute in an i might bring the flauta back with me when i go home on thursday.

i am not going to the uncle doctor's show this friday, mostly due to the fact that i'm going home on thursday already, and i'm trying to save money for the other shows i'm interested in attending:

9/27 - need to breathe and florez - handlebar, greenville
10/3 - courage riley (final show), burns out bright, tba - new brookland tavern, columbia
10/17 - the working title (ep release), copeland, the young republicans - music farm, charleston
11/9 - something corporate, mae, days away - roxy theatre, atlanta

i definitely want to make it to the 10/3 and 11/9 show, but hopefully i'll make it to all of these. if anyone's interested in coming to any, give me a heads up. the more the merrier. unless i don't like you. then i'll lie and say i'm washing my hair that day instead.

shower time. or maybe it's time to do some crunches. wish i didn't have so much energy, because it's all going to be wasted on an essay man.
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