September 12, 2003

this goes out to all my kc homeslices - "it's the freakin weekend, baby, i'm about to have me some fun..."
..or i'm about to have me some fun workin...

shwhat i need to do this weekend:

- overdose on love medicine
- read a midsummer night's dream acts i-iii
- espanol practicas a y b
- focus paper
- sociology crap (maybe)
- finish necklace
- get some sleep

ok...that's it till i think of somecrap else.

the doctor's appointment was super-fun today. if super-fun means no fun whatsoever. they had to inject some dye into my veins so that my x-rays would show up. super-fun. thankfully, i don't have to go back till next may, but there's other crap that i gotta do before then that i won't force you to listen to. no fun. i mean, super-fun.

but i hear we won our soccer game. really no thanks to me this time. i didn't make it back to campus till 8:20, and rushed right over to bible study (which went well, thank you). our team's undefeated, man. sweet.

this weekend's pretty open activity-wise...meaning i'm taking no suggestions because i'll have zero time. actually, chrl is coming down here tomorrow for a few hours. that should be fun times, eating in moffatt and all. and i plan on going to jittery joes saturday morning, after i get some good sleep time in.

man, it's time to get these shakespeare questions done.
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