September 13, 2003

spent most of my saturday morning nursing a huge mug of mocha at jittery joe's with carlos, michael and the french professor. saw all of carlos' camino pictures from this summer. the pictures of the pyrennes and finnistere were gorgeous. amazing. i can't wait to go back my senior year. but, until then, i can't wait to go to madrid in jan. carlos thinks that at the end of the semester michael and i should be volunteer hospitaleros on the camino for a week. something to think about. for half of spring break, michael wants to do a 7-day cruise to naples, greece, and rome.

i had a green-themed trip to walmart. the packaging for my tampons and wall hooks was green and i bought the dvd of teenage mutant ninja turtles II. i was excited. but i had a hard time choosing bc in the family section they had the apple dumpling gang, escape from witch mountain, return to witch mountain, batteries not included, willow, old yeller, swiss family robinson... the selection was endless. and those movies are the very ones which shaped mine and tim's childhood. if you watch those, you'll probably gain some insight to my youth. so there's a project for you. but i decided on the turtles because i think maybe keno (the pizza boy) was one of my first hollywood crushes (aside from atreyu in the neverending story).
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