September 07, 2003

"and we all know how i can't resist a shaggy-haired, scrawny guy behind a microphone wearing a tight thrift store tshirt and vintage-worn jeans strumming an accoustic guitar and screamo-crooning at the top of his poetic lungs."

...oh, but ben walker was much hotter than the afore-mentioned post suggests.

and now, kids, it's time for me to divulge about my weekend.

friday night was singer-songwriter night at the clinic (where the show was held) for the most part. i give major props to david adedokun. not only because he writes some truly gorgeous songs, but also because he wins for mvp. he sang his own stuff (just him and his guitar) on friday, saturday he played bass for ben walker radio, and he's the frontman for courage riley. talk about talented. he also plays left-handed. but he didn't have a left-handed guitar or bass. he just flipped a regular guitar around and learned to play that way. sweet. another singer-songwriter on friday was niles ferguson. he was great on the guitar and used loops well, but his lyrics aren't great and he was off-key at times. but i must also give him props because it was his first time playing his own stuff in front of people.

saturday i hung out at the girls' apartment. we were really lazy and it was fabulous. they cooked brunch and then we watched center stage.

saturday night the volume at the clinic was cranked up, as was the energy. the lineup was benburnsjazz, ben walker radio, tigerbot hesh, 1984, and courage riley (and a couple others that we didn't stay for). my picks, out of those 5 were, um,...pretty much all ecept for benburnsjazz. but my favorites were ben walker radio, courage riley, and 1984, i think. 1984 sounded like they had some influence from the strokes, so, naturally, i enjoyed them. oh, and their drummer was phenomenal. i mean, when you can't take your eyes off the drummer because of his energy and ability... i mean, this guy was talented. and the lead singer/guitarist was hilarious to watch. he's one of those who doesn't care what anyone thinks. and courage riley's just great. i was already loving david adedokun from the previous night, and then i got to hear him sing again. and all the guys in the band are christians and quite open about it. and i just love ben walker radio.

needless to say, this weekend was quite a successful one. even if i didn't get back here till 3am this morning. and woke up to go to new covenant in anderson for the 9:30 service. by the way, loved the church, and i'll be going back.
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