August 02, 2003

you know what stinks about being home? the having to leave again part. it really really stinks. at least i only have 1 weeks left. one very long week, i'm sure. i'm just ready to be done, but i know i'll survive.

last night i got to see tinkers punishment and biv at new brookland. and vanessa, erin, jamie, laura, and nancy (all counselors from camp) came with me and spent the night at my house afterward. i also saw heather, josh, tim and justin eason there, but didn't get to hang with anyone too long. but it's cool cause i'll be back in one week. i really enjoyed the show, though. biv even played a couple of jump songs ("madness", "ordinary girl" and "utopian sky").

and now i'm hanging with the rents before i head back to jail--i mean--camp. latah.
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