August 08, 2003

well, it's over (practically). the kiddies left this morning and we spent the afternoon cleaning and packing. tonight we had a staff banquet, and now i'm with some counselors at a small coffee shop in downtown brevard. it's my kind of atmosphere here. i can't believe i'm going home tomorrow. i'm ready to get back, as i'm sure you know. hope you people are clearing your schedules so you can hang with me when i get back.

next wednesday some bands are playing at new brookland. one of them is made up of some friends of kit's, i think, and she says that they're good. i think i may go to see them, and take laura and megan with me. and i think we'll go spend tuesday in chucktown. so they can see it and we can all go to the beach. i may have spent 10 weeks at camp, but i'm still white as a ghost. (hyperbole) anyway, i'd better give someone else a go at the pc. latah my homeslices.
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