August 09, 2003

guess who's back. back again. betty's back. tell a friend.

that's right, kids. i'm home. and i brought a coupla friends with me. megan from new zealand and laura from england. we got in around lunch time today. had some chinese takeout with mom for dinner and then went to the mall. i finally got that skirt i've had my eye on for quite some time at american eagle. on sale for $15. sweet. and i bought a bag for school. because i was tired of my backpack. so i got this messenger type bag from ae. i love it.

i hear dashboard has a new cd out. gotta check that one out. yes, i do still love sappy emo. i heard a yellowcard song on 93.5 today and really liked it, too. another cd to check out. and there are plenty of others as well.

i think i'm supposed to be at steph's house at 7 on monday for a shindig. i can't wait. i was trying to decide where i could take megan and laura while they're in sc. i think we've decided on the zoo and charleston. and there's a show at new brookland i wanna check out on wednesday, so i'll drag them to that.

i have to decide whether i want to go to the john mayer and counting crows concert. jordan has an extra ticket, and i have to make a decision in 2 weeks. argh. i just don't know because it's on the first day of classes. but then again, i'd get to see everyone from camp again. really gotta weigh the pros and cons on this one.

right, so i'm out for now.
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